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Salesman’s Notes


Directed and Written by Chi Jang Yin

Performers: Sheelah Murthy, Anuj Vadya and Chi Jang Yin


A 30 minute performance about processing fear as it relates to memory loss. The salesman is selling a story, which does not exist in reality. Through the reenactment with two performers, the salesman faces the conflict between emotion in reality and in lost memory. After a certain point, it is unnecessary to separate the emotion from reality or memory. There is only experience left.

“… ‘Emotion and memory are tricky things. When the body is faced with fear and scared, the blood flows to the muscles and the lower part of the brain. The huge amount of blood flow to the brain damages the lower brain cells where the memory of the past and the unconscious are located. The brain will suffer temporary or permanent memory loss. The cells of the organs in the human body can be recreated, but not the brain cells.’ I couldn’t recall where I found this quote.” — Chi Jang Yin