Another Clapping

25 minutes, color, stereo sound, DV, 2000
Production: Canada/USA


Won Best of Film Festival, Thaw International Film and Digital Media Festival, Iowa City, IA, 2003

Finalist Award for Media Arts, Illinois Arts Council, Chicago, IL, 2002

Best Documentary Short, Georgetown Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC, 2001

Finalist Award, Asian American Film and Video Showcase, Chicago, IL, 2001

National Film Tours, Asian American International Film Festival, New York, NY, 2001

Film Distribution

Video Data Bank (VDB), The School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2001–present


Another Clapping presents the triangular relationship between a daughter, her mother, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It is based on a documentary of her mother’s violent experience of traumatic political history and living in her unsuccessful marriage. Their subsequent experience as immigrant in Canada provides the family a complexity of reviewing and remembering the past. Ultimately, it is about the intimated and sublime relationship between the mother and daughter, and struggle between the actual history and the collective memory of family issues and public trauma. It is about the personal, political and conceptual implications of the traced and displaced identity.


Produced, Directed, Cinematography and Edited by Chi Jang Yin


“Another Clapping » présente la vie de l’artiste ou comment un jour, elle s’est arrêtée de pleurer en voyant son père battre sa mère.”
Carte blanche à l’underground chinois, Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, France, 2005

“‘Another Clapping,’ from 2000, is a mother-daughter coming-of-age piece by Chi-Jang Yin. Unfolding in real-time, this film chronicles the tension between a Chinese woman both caught up in old social mores but enjoying her freedom far away from the husband who beat her, and a modern daughter struggling to prevent the erasure of her heritage. This documentary feels true—aided perhaps by it’s disjointed structure—providing both a candid picture of multicultural America and a compelling look at human resilience.”
Art Papers Magazine, November/December 2004 issue

“Yin’s ‘Another Clapping’ centers on her mother's longing to return to her homeland China, as a possible cure for the mother’s mental instability. [The] artist incorporates personal photographs that slowly transform or decompose in the viewing plane. These visual cues impart a sense of emotional distance, like watching your life roll by. The implementation of stillness in a format characterized by movement heightens the idea of frustration felt by [Yin], as [she is] unable to return to a place of past importance—locked out by either political climates or personal fears.”
Cheekwood Art Museum, Neither Here Nor There: Video Artists Navigate Cultural Displacement, curated by Terri Smith, Nashville, TN, 2004

“In ‘Another Clapping,’ Yin probes her mother’s tragic past, and the audience is simultaneously drawn in and startled by the intimacy as Yin's mother is interviewed.”
Asian CineVision's 24th Annual Asian American International Film, Florence Gould Hall, New York, NY 2001

“In the moving autobiographical meditation Another Clapping, Chi-Jang Yin uses fragments—voice-over, printed titles, phone messages, and old photographs, some with her father's image cut out—to tell the story of a family fractured by domestic violence and the forces of history and to explore the ambiguous feelings between mother and daughter. Footage from the Cultural Revolution, including shots of kids humiliating an old man, forms an eerie parallel to the daughter's alienation.”
Women in the Director’s Chair International Film and Video Festival 2001

Selected Screenings

Rondo Sztuki Gallery in Poland, The Memory Labyrinth. Faces of Evil, 1939–2009, sponsored by the Poland Cultural Institution of Ars Cameralis, Curator: Marek Zieliski, Katowice, Poland, 2009

The Nightingale, Fading out/Fading in–Identities in Transit, Curators: Casey Gibbs and John Lou, Chicago, IL, 2008

Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, Experimental Films, Curator: Jeffrey Skoller (Professor of Film Studies at the University of California Berkeley), Beijing, China, 2007

Phoenix Art Museum, Asian Lives, represented by Video Data Bank, Phoenix, AZ, 2006

Friche Belle de Mai (Theatre Massilia), Un peu d'Alice, Carte blanche à l'underground Chinnois (A little Alice: White Chart With The Chinese Underground), Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, France, 2005

Guangdong Industry Technical College, USA & France International Video Art and Digital Animation, Curator: Chi Jang Yin, Another Clapping, digital video, Guangzhou, China, 2005

Sun Yat-Sen University in China, Women’s & Gender Studies Department, Philosophy Department, invitational film exhibition, Guangzhou, China, 2004

The Portland Mercury, The Know-Film Series, Peripheral Produce, curated by Sarah Halpern, juried international film exhibition, Portland, OR, 2004

Cheekwood Museum, Navigate Cultural Displacement—Neither here Nor There: Video Artists, Nashville Film Festival, represented by Video Data Bank, Nashville, TN, 2004

Film Art Foundation Film and Video Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2004

Germany Kasseler Dokumentarfilm-und Videofest, Kassel, Germany, 2003

Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Washington, DC, 2003

Georgetown Independent Film Festival, Washington, DC, 2003

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Brooklyn Arts Council 36th International Film and Video Festival, New York, NY, 2002

Thaw International Video, Film and Digital Media Festival, Iowa City, IA, 2002

Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson, AZ, 2002

Oculars Short Film, Brooklyn, New York, NY, 2002

Global Vision Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 2002

Asian American International Film Festival, New York, NY, 2001

NextFest Digital Motion Picture Festival, Saskatoon, Canada, 2001

Northern Visions Film Festival, juried international film exhibition, Toronto, Canada, 2001

Italy Del Corto in Sabina International Film Festival, Rome, Italy, 2001

Georgetown Independent Film Festival, Washington DC, 2001

Film Arts Foundation Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2000

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