Glass House

9 minutes, color, stereo sound, no dialogue, DV, 2005


Won Best Film on Architecture, Asolo Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy, 2007

International Premiere

Kara Film Festival, Karachi, Pakistan, 2005

European Premiere

Directors Lounge Berlin, Urban Research on Film, Curator: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin, Germany, February 9–19, 2006


“Glass House” is an experimental documentary that examines the creative process of a contemporary American architect Thomas Roszak who built a home made from glass and concrete for his family. The glass house, as seen through the lens, becomes a site of interpretation, reflection, family dynamics and the complex multi-faceted perspectives of a project that is not simply transparent.


Producers/ Thomas Roszak & Chi-Jang Yin
Director, Editor and Cinematographer/ Chi-Jang Yin
Construction Footage/ Thomas Roszak and Justyna Roszak
Assistant Cinematographers/ Alex Tomaras and Ross Heran
Lighting Assistant and Timelapse Technician/ Ross Heran
Post-Production Assistant/ Jordan Abraham
Typography Design/ Stephanie Klayman
Musical Composition/ Jason Roebke
Electric Guitar/ Fred Lonberg-Holm, Bass/ Jason Roebke, Cello/ Ben Vida
Music and Sound Editing/ Chi-Jang Yin


“It is a great completeness of the architectural process and its definition with a rigorous use of images, without spoken word.”
(Original in Italian) “E’ notevole la sintetica compiutezza con cui è delineato un processo architettonico con un uso rigoroso delle immagini, senza ricorrere ad alcun parlato.”
Asolo International Art Film Festival, Italy 2007

“Chi-jang Yin’s Glass House (2005) uses various techniques to bring the architecture to life; for example, shadowy see-through figures underscore the way light undercuts the solidity of the interior it fills.”
Chicago Reader, “Film Critic’s Choice”, article by Fred Camper, February 23, 2007

“The ‘Glass House’ is an experimental documentary that examines the creative process of a modern architect building a home for his family. The home is an experiment in form and function, transparency, livability and technology. The viewer emerges with a deeper understanding of architecture, construction and the rich contemporary possibilities of time, movement and light.”
5th Kara Film Festival, Karachi, Pakistan, 2005

Selected Screenings

The Chicago Architecture Foundation and Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago Architecture In Motion, Curator: Todd Lillethun, Chicago, IL, 2010

Italy Rimini al Cinema in Cineteca (Rimini Cineteca Theater), L’Immaginario Possibile, arranged by the Ordine degli Architetti di Rimini, Rimini, Italy, 2008

Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago’s Own, Curator: Patrick Friel, Chicago, IL, 2007

Asolo Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy, 2007

The Gene Siskel Film Center, Asian American Showcase Film Festival, catalogued, Chicago, IL, 2007

Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, Kansas City, KS, 2006

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Women’s Cinema, Curator: Chi Jang Yin, Guangzhou, China, 2005