4 minutes, color, stereo sound, DV, 2005
Production: China/USA

International Premiere

The Center of Contemporary Art in Bulgaria, International Project for Low and High Techniques in Contemporary Media Art, sponsored by the Art Today Association, Curator: Dimitrina Sevova, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2005


This video examines the iconic World Wide Web branding of global marketplace, which creates disconnection and contrasts to the labor system in society. Three Chinese construction workers deconstruct an old house while the Internet brand names scroll across the screen. The viewer is asked to place their knowledge of the Internet and the globalization placed against one’s perception of the lived experience of the manual laborers.


Cinematography, Written, and Edited by Chi-Jang Yin

Selected Screenings

Beyond Media Festival, Icon, Firenze, Italy, 2009

Guild Cinema, Experimental in Cinema, catalogued, Albuquerque, NM, 2008

Sweden Nordic Art Video Festival, TRUNK–Cinema Regina, arranged by the Consulate of Art at the County Council of Jamtland, Östersund, Sweden, 2007

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Women of Color Film Festival, catalogued, Washington, DC, 2007

Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Icon, Victoria, Canada, 2007

Directors Lounge Berlin, Urban Research on Film, Curator: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin, Germany, 2006

London Portobello Film Festival, London, England, 2006

The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Style, Chicago Asian American Showcase, Curator: Larry Lee, Icon, invitational, Chicago, IL, 2006

Dallas Video Festival, catalogued, Dallas, TX, 2006